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The Inquiry Project Collaborative (IPC) was developed at The Conservatory School in 2014. The Conservatory School (TCS) is a PreK through 9th grade public school, located in North Palm Beach, Florida. Through time and experience living the work, TCS' mission evolved to step outside of our own classroom walls and build capacity among a larger cohort of educators offering collaborative experiences on which to reflect, incubate, and develop progressive ideas for teaching and learning.​ We seek to serve practitioners and leaders from around the country on inquiry and project-based learning, inquiry, and school culture.

Our symbol, the nautilus, is symbolic of expansion and growth. In nature, the creature evolves in shape, adding chambers to its shell over time to accommodate a growing, changing organism. The path of an inquiry develops in much the same way, spiraling around a central idea and growing authentically to meet the unique needs of both the idea and the environment where it is being nurtured. With each added section, it becomes larger and stronger, reaching out further into the world.

We invite you to become a part of the Collaborative.

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